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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several Cash and Gift awards to
members who post and share valuable content with us on

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of Check, demand draft or bank transfer when it reaches the minimum pay out amount.

If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Kumaraditya Sarkar21Rs 4195Rs 4200Rs -5
Dhananjoy Chakraborty19Rs 4319Rs 4000Rs 319
Great Guy19Rs 5678Rs 5700Rs -22
Subhajit14Rs 2889Rs 2927Rs -38
Ankit12Rs 5412Rs 5400Rs 12
Madhu11Rs 3925Rs 3300Rs 625
Anindya Bhattacharjee11Rs 2860Rs 4000Rs -1140
Ardhendu Narayan Rout10Rs 4085Rs 3800Rs 285
Vandana9Rs 1234Rs 1300Rs -66
subrata ray9Rs 2213Rs 2200Rs 13
Raju Chatterjee9Rs 1309Rs 1750Rs -441
vimal7Rs 2822Rs 2700Rs 122
Spider writer7Rs 1511Rs 1550Rs -39
Krishna Basu7Rs 1704Rs 1000Rs 704
Bhaswar Mukhopadhyay7Rs 1721Rs 1300Rs 421
RDS6Rs 467Rs 0Rs 467
Runa6Rs 772Rs 750Rs 22
pradipta mahato5Rs 845Rs 800Rs 45
paresh kumar sahu5Rs 1952Rs 1400Rs 552
Anandita Roy Choudhury5Rs 949Rs 900Rs 49
Bhisma Narayan Rout4Rs 1810Rs 1800Rs 10
Debashish Bhattacharya4Rs 1290Rs 1200Rs 90
Krishna Verma4Rs 1064Rs 1000Rs 64
Manidip Chakraborty4Rs 969Rs 1000Rs -31
Syed Sajjad Hossen4Rs 265Rs 0Rs 265
Sashwato Chatterjee4Rs 381Rs 0Rs 381
Shantha Santhanam4Rs 2020Rs 1900Rs 120
sushmita ghosh mohanty4Rs 653Rs 0Rs 653
Shilpa Roy3Rs 282Rs 0Rs 282
Souvik Dhar3Rs 343Rs 0Rs 343
Dr. Sparsha3Rs 276Rs 0Rs 276
Piyasi Santra3Rs 490Rs 0Rs 490
Snehasish3Rs 244Rs 0Rs 244
Jugal mohanty3Rs 366Rs 0Rs 366
John3Rs 388Rs 0Rs 388
Ankit Das3Rs 137Rs 0Rs 137
Ankush Das2Rs 135Rs 0Rs 135
Anirban Basu2Rs 33Rs 0Rs 33
Gyandeep Kaushal2Rs 6Rs 0Rs 6
K Mohan2Rs 67Rs 0Rs 67
Lokesh Dash2Rs 232Rs 0Rs 232
K Rajan2Rs 383Rs 0Rs 383
Latha Jayaprakash2Rs 305Rs 0Rs 305
Ram Ratan Maurya2Rs 110Rs 0Rs 110
Mohammed Nadeem Akhter Khan2Rs 14Rs 0Rs 14
Namita Jha2Rs 27Rs 0Rs 27
Paritosh Pal2Rs 8Rs 0Rs 8
Narendra Gupta2Rs 38Rs 0Rs 38
Sanjeeb Ganguly2Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10

Total Cash Credits: Rs 63,233.00

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