Events in West Bengal

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Auto Biography of poor peoples in West Bengal Bidhan Sabha Election 2011

Happiness is your 'ideal', sorrow is our 'real'. Our shout gives you win. You are the king, minister and we are the tenant and Sepoy. Our life and blood gives you win. You play politics and do rally with our dead body on the road and drink our blood as a witch.'You' means Buddhadev, Mamtaa, Biman, Karat, Chidambaram, Pranab, Sonia etc. leaders and we means all people from poor beggars to unemployed people.

8th Admissions Fair Event of Kolkata

In this article, I will explain all the information about the 8th Admissions Fair Event of Kolkata. It is one of the leading fairs of Kolkata. Read the full article to know more about the fair, the starting date and ending date of 8th Admissions Fair Event of Kolkata.

Defamed election campaign - West Bengal assembly election 2011

Bengali's proud pulled down by all political parties so called eminent leader during election campaign in west Bengal assembly election 2011.Our democracy cross sixty years but our leaders do not prove their patient,responsibility and appetite. In politics lie, envy, nakedness must be stop in Bengal otherwise they have no right to say the proud of Bengal.

Know some facts about voting process before cast your vote-Assembly election 2011 in West Bengal

Before caste your vote you must observe that when a voter goes inside to cast vote on that time the control unit which is placed beside of presiding officer display a red light which means busy and some one is inside the booth for caste vote.If you have voter identity card then you must bring it. If no Epic card or voter card is issue for you then you can take any one of the following for caste your vote which is declared by election commission.

Assembly election in West Bengal 2011-Why controversy arises among people for casting vote?

we can see that if father believe in left party and son goes to right party. In the same way there must be a difference for casting vote to different party from same family. In our body there are crores of DNA present. This chemical element is main responsible for this. DNA generates another chemical element in our body name "RNA". But why their are difference character shows between father and son?

Education Worldwide India 2011 Event of Kolkata

In this article, I will explain the Education Worldwide India 2011 Event of Kolkata. It is the largest or big educational event of West Bengal . This event is going to start on Dt 10-May-2011. Read the full article to know the date, venue of this Event of West Bengal.

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